Everyday Feminism Releases Video About ‘Cis-Sexism’ That Is Devoid Of All Logic And Scientific Reasoning

The much esteemed online cultural think tank, Everyday Feminism, did today what the Intersectional Left claims to do really well, but in reality does abysmally.


Liberals and Progressives routinely bash conservatives for “denying” or “ignoring” basic science on a range of issues. Usually it’s climate change; I can hear shrill hollers of “CONSENSUS” in my head as I write this. When it boils down to basic biology, their grasp of reality flies out the window faster than a CNN staffer who proposes unbiased reporting. The most egregious example of this is in the abortion debate. But boy, oh boy have they outdone themselves.

As mentioned above, Everyday Feminism is an exemplary—nay, INFALLIBLE source of unadulterated truth and peer-reviewed studies. On Monday, they shared a video about “genital preferences” and why you just might be a transphobe, or “cis-sexist.”

The video, narrated by a biological man named Riley J. Dennis, is delivered in a vernacular that can only be found in a women’s & gender studies seminar at Wellesley College. The narrator’s chief nugget of evidence to support (fine, I’ll do it) her argument is this. Get ready because it’s a doozy and is totally scientifically accurate.

“Some women have penises.”

Let that sink in. Are you “woke” yet? Your 5th grade biology teacher and 6th grade sex ed teacher were both lying to you all along because apparently women can have male genitalia. This is of course the foundation of the Trans movement—that your biological sex is wholly separated from the gender that society constructs for and by which it perceives you.

Obviously, there are variances among men and women in terms of levels of masculinity and femininity. There is scientific evidence that gender dysphoria is a real mental disorder and affects people to varying degrees. And advancements in elective cosmetic surgery have allowed even the most normal-looking man to outwardly transform into quite the femme fatale. There is no argument from me here.

However, when you start saying biological sex and gender are completely different things, that’s where you lose significant intellectual credibility. And yet, Riley J. Dennis lost what very little credibility she had left, making even Sigmund Freud’s eyes roll to the back of his head, when she claimed it is cis-sexist for a man to not desire sexual relations with a trans-woman with a penis.

Apparently it’s also cis-sexist for a lesbian woman to possess no desire to have sex with a biological man who believes he is a woman (and also has a penis cause, ya know, he’s a dude). Not only is this cis-sexist, it essentially makes you a bad person to have these preferences. Dennis lists five excuses people use to dismiss accusations of transphobia and “debunks” them. My personal favorite excuse she targets is, “I’m triggered by penises.”

On what planet could this so-called knowledge be taken remotely seriously? Oh yeah…Earth.

This theory about having strict genital preferences being bigoted, though not quite mainstream, is probably growing in popularity within the trans rights movement. Thankfully, Everyday Feminism‘s tweet sharing Riley’s video only garnered nine retweets and thirty-seven ‘likes,’ though their account has 92,000 followers and Dennis has over 22,000.

In the tweet sharing Riley’s video, EverydayFeminism‘s team urged viewers to “Listen to what she’s actually saying here, and you might gain a new perspective on this issue.” I did listen. The perspective I gained is that the Intersectional Left is (still) batshit crazy.

To that end, I am now going to search through some old boxes in the hopes that I have an elementary school biology textbook hiding somewhere. Anyone want to help me with the postage so I can send it to Riley?

If you are comfortable with risking heavy loss of brain cells, watch the video below:



Cover image taken from a screenshot via @EvrydayFeminism on Twitter.




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