WE’RE SAVED! Leonardo DiCaprio Will Finally Fly Commercial

Acclaimed actor and notable climate change super-activist Leonardo DiCaprio has finally made the promise to fly commercial after endless jokes at his expense calling out his hypocrisy. He reportedly will no longer use private jets to escape to romantic getaways or environmentalist missions due to its heavy carbon footprint. What a hero!

DiCaprio is seen by the Left as the crusader the climate change movement needs. He has the star power, the financial resources, and an acceptable Leftist ideology. His recent documentary, Before the Flood, was highly successful in liberal circles, and it even garnered the attention of President Obama (a central figure in the film) and the United Nations.

But the Wolf of Wall Street actor’s new promise to fly with the plebeians is nothing but political grandstanding and virtue signaling. He will without a doubt return to flying private at some point because he won’t be able to endure TSA lines, people taking their shoes off on planes, or a potential Ann Coulter disaster.

What’s that you say? It’s only a one-time deal? Yes, based on the original story from W Magazine, DiCaprio has only promised to fly commercial for ONE FLIGHT to his foundation’s event in St. Tropez. This likely stems from criticisms he received from climate change activists and hypocrisy hunters on the Right for flying private to the same event last year.

While DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors on the planet (shoutout The Departed), his incessant public outcries for government intervention on the climate change issue have become exhausting. When he finally won the Oscar for Best Lead Actor (The Revenant) that eluded him for years, he used the platform of his acceptance speech to ramble about “the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

Sorry Leo, no one wants to hear you politicize a speech for an award you won by grunting on screen for 2 1/2 hours. People are not impressed that you will fly commercial (first class, no doubt) for one flight across the Atlantic and back. Please go back to doing what you do best—making critically acclaimed movies and romancing beautiful models—but keep your faux noble crusade for climate change activism to yourself.

And enjoy your flight!

 animated street wolf wall flight GIF


Cover image courtesy of Collider






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