Sorry Leftists, Game of Thrones is NOT About Climate Change

On Friday, notorious Left-wing propaganda and overall garbage water news outlet published a piece with an accompanying video claiming, “Game of Thrones is secretly all about climate change.” Excuse me for a moment.

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Yes, Leftists are now claiming that a fictional television show, which is the adaptation of a fantasy novel first conceived in 1991, is a glorious metaphor for the imminent dangers of climate change. And that’s specifically anthropogenic climate change to boot. Supposedly this is an accurate metaphor because, in the new season, premiering last night, an army of frozen zombies are moving south to kill the real humans. They bring winter and long, dark nights with them. Sure, that’s exactly what climate change is.

First of all, I understand it’s a metaphor, which can obviously be stretched and squeezed to fit a preferred narrative, but can the Leftists over at Vox please just leave our sacred Game of Thrones alone? For the next six weeks this show will be my primary line of defense against the “Sunday Scaries” (the anticipatory dread of going into work on Monday mornings). I’d really appreciate it if water cooler discussions with coworkers remained depoliticized. I would be equally annoyed if some alt-right troll started clamoring about the Iron Islands’ rebellion as a referendum on Westerosi globalism or accusing the Wildlings of stealing the honest, hardworking Northerners’ jobs.

Second of all, the argument Vox sets forward is lazy and easily debunkable if you delve into the “science” of the Realm. It posits that White Walkers are the climate culprits who “change the weather.” This is wrong. The change of seasons in the world of Thrones are not caused by the White Walkers, Valyrian steel mines, or dragon fire emissions. In fact, a report completed by graduate students at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Johns Hopkins University concluded that Westeros’ dual-season climate could only be caused by the “earth” navigating a binary star system, and that “the only reasonable explanation remains in the arcane physics of three-body systems, where unpredictability and chaotic behavior is the name of the Game.”

There you have it, the extinction-level anomaly that threatens the entire world of Game of Thrones is most realistically caused by…wait for it…naturally occurring, cyclical changes to the climate based on solar activity that would occur with or without human activity. Eureka! It’s actually quite hilarious how easily Vox‘s theory falls apart.

In addition, because the above nonsense about White Walkers being the most perfect metaphor for climate change EVER wasn’t enough, Vox supports an argument that GoT is also a “collective action story” in which all houses of the Realm—Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, etc.— must unify under a mostly unenforceable and non-binding agreement to fight the White Walkers.  Does that ring any bells?  At least the odds that an army comprised of every house in Westeros would actually have a fighting chance of defeating the White Walkers. It’s hard to say the same for the Paris Climate Accords and climate change.

Finally, one amusing tidbit of the video is its brief touch on White Walker “deniers.” Sure, most people in Westeros don’t believe the zombie popsicles exist. But here’s the thing, believing in their existence would require placing trust in the societal outcasts of the Night’s Watch and a highly politicized conglomerate of intellectuals known as Maesters. The show’s audience has the good fortune of omnipresence, so we know that the White Walkers exist. Average people in the Realm don’t have this luxury. Any skepticism of their existence in Dorne or King’s Landing is entirely understandable. Even if the Southerners did believe the army of the dead was coming, would they automatically support sacrificing their grain and livestock to support a United Nations, so to speak, of the great houses?

Average people on Earth face a similar dilemma. They could put their trust in highly politicized scientists—or, if the Left could have their way, an omnipresent Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. And if they do accept the flawed “consensus” of man-made global warming, should their default response be to accept solutions like the Paris Accords or more government meddling in the free market? I think not.

So nice try, Vox. You tried to ruin Game of Thrones for everybody by making it all about your ridiculous climate change agenda. You ended up losing decisively in a trial by blogging. Better luck next summer!



All images courtesy of Home Box Office (HBO).



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